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  • High speed drilling tapping machine(T-500)
  • High speed and high precision machining center TC-V6
  • High speed and high precision rail TC-L1060
  • High steel die hard rail TC-850
  • High steel die hard rail TC-1890
  • Horizontal machining center TC-12H
  • Longmen machining center machine series
  • High speed precision engraving and milling machine TC-650
  • Efficient CNC control system
  • Machine tool accessories
  • Machine tool accessories
  • Knife library series
High stability of the tool change system
Tool change time tool for 1.4S
Design of large space
slider for Z axisUsing the enhanced slider to
improve the  head rigidity
Three axis motor seat using one forming technology, and with
Close precision sleeve, improve three axis motor
Rigid demand and concentric degree, meet the requirements of high speed machining
Super mat design
Super mat, than in the same industry will nearly double, high-speed
processing more stable
Z axis selection of large diameter wire rod and large width line rail
Saddle using lightweight design concept, to meet the
The saddle supporting feet are all in the range,
The three axis screw rod is adopted to design and compared with two ends.

Ultra wide support feet design, up to 1000mm
The same size than the same wide 120-180mm/ resistance to shock,

  • Direct drive transmission
    The motor and the spindle can be directly connected with the elimination of back clearance, torsion
    Convey a more stable, to ensure the quality of the processing surface can be improved
    The efficiency of the sex attack, while avoiding the generation of temperature rise and noise.
  • High horsepower spindle motor
    Collocation MISUBISHI high torque motor
  • Symmetrical head design
    Symmetrical design of the head structure can reduce the thermal deformation of the temperature
  • High horsepower spindle motor
    Collocation MISUBISHI high torque motor
  • Design of large shaft
    Can strengthen the cutting rigidity of the main shaft, the main shaft diameter reached 100MM.
  • Air curtain protection design
    Effectively protect the spindle accuracy, extend the life of the spindle
  • High speed spindle
    Optional 12000, 15000RPM spindle
Application industry
Strict product management and control program
The use of hierarchical system, by the international professional consulting experts and experienced a research and development
Team team. Make sure to provide customers with more quality, more perfect Product
Excellent R & D capability
After ten years of development, Taiwan industrial plant area of 60000 square metre production reached
More than 1000 units, in the forefront of the industry. Taiwan Chong industry focus on product development
Update, has the utility model patent.
Nationwide sales network and service agencies
Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangsu,, Hunan, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Hubei, Shandong, Fujian, Sichuan, Tianjin, Henan and other places.
Fruitful market performance
Taiwan's products are widely used in aviation, automotive manufacturing, digital IT, etc.  Fields, in the country by the Taiwan industrial production of products, automotive, aviation Mobile digital and other fields, trusted by customers.
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     Division I have a technology in the machining center with a comprehensive, efficient quality team. There are 600-2000mm hard rail line, 600-1300mm line, 2000-5000 hard (line) rail Longmen ...
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